Exemptions and credits to Cambridge Delta holders on MA courses (UK universities) (2020 ver.)

The reason I chose to do Cambridge Delta instead of an MA was because I knew Delta can be used for credit exemptions upon entering certain MA programs, but not the other way around. My alma mater, CELT Athens, wrote a list of MA courses that give Delta holders credit exemptions. This list was written in 2016, though by now some of the information are a little outdated. I am currently looking into postgraduate courses myself, so I thought I might as well put them together nicely as a blog post for everyone in similar boat to see, with the newest URLs attached (and I hope this helps those who are tossing between Delta or MA).

Generally all these universities offer credit exemptions of up to a third of the course (± 30%), but do check their respective websites for more accurate information. The length listed below is what the university prescribed, prior to the Delta credit exemptions (i.e. shorter and cheaper if you have Delta).

Some institutions stated something along the lines of, “teaching qualifications and experience will be considered as part of the application process.” These institutions are not included in this list. This list only contains those programs that accept Delta as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and hence reduce the study load and tuition fees.

Hope you find this helpful, and if you know more courses for the list, please let me know. Thanks!

Institution & LocationCourse NameMode of Study,
Length (after exemption)
University of Derby
Derby, England
MA EducationDistance
PT 2-3 years
University of St Andrews
St Andrews, Scotland
MSc TESOL w/ Specialism
On campus
FT 1½ years
Bath Spa University
Bath, England
MA (TESOL)On campus
FT 1 year
Birkbeck University of London
London, England
MA Language Teaching
On campus
FT 1 year / PT 2 years
University of Bedfordshire
Luton, England
MA Applied Linguistics (TEFL)On campus
FT 1 year / PT 2 years
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland
MSc (TESOL)On campus
FT 1 year / PT up to 6 years
Leeds Beckett University
Leeds, England
MA (ELT)On campus or distance FT or PT
Oxford Brookes University
Oxford, England
MA – Education (TESOL)On campus or distance
FT 1 year or PT 2-3 years
Lancaster University
Lancaster, England
MA (TESOL)Distance
PT 2 years
University of Stirling
Stirling, Scotland
MSc TESOL (Online)
On campus or distance
FT 1 year or PT 2-3 years
The Open UniversityMA in Education/
MEd (Applied Linguistics)
PT 3-6 years
Macquarie University
Sydney, Australia
On campus or distance
FT 1 year
FT 1½ years
List of universities in the UK that offer credit exemptions to Delta holders (updated September 2020)

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